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Have you ever been told that it is normal to have pain while breastfeeding? Do you need the best breastfeeding tips for you and your baby? I’m here to help you change the narrative so you can enjoy blissful breastfeeding. If you are in pain while feeding, please seek out a lactation specialist or pediatric dentist to evaluate the baby. There could be a poor and shallow latch, or there could be an oral structure concern, like a tongue or lip tie – sometimes both!

Need to get comfortable while breastfeeding?

  • Adjust your body to be comfortable.
  • Deep breath, drop your shoulders from your ears
  • Pillows are your best friend while breastfeeding!
  • After you are comfortable, a proper latch starts with lining your baby’s nose to your nipple.
  • This allows for a wide-open latch, where their chin stays attached to the breast.
  • Please take a look at the resources below to ensure you are set up for success.

Breastfeeding Tips

There are various positions you can try while breastfeeding and they all have advantages. Some are very comfortable for moms, but some are not, especially if you had a surgical birth.

My favorite position to introduce in the early days of breastfeeding is side-lying! Unfortunately, this isn’t educated in the hospitals unless you have an amazing nurse that suggested it due to her positive experience.

  • Side-lying allows the baby to be against your belly, while you are lying on your side and resting your hand on your head.
  • Promotes rest while feeding your baby or you can stare down at them like I would.
  • This position mimics a paced bottle feed which helps reduce gas and reflux for the baby.
  • It also stimulates the sucking reflex, so the baby is “working” to remove milk from the breast, not guzzling.

Here is an example of side-lying.

Breastfeeding tips
breastfeeding tips

As you can see, this mom is gazing at her baby, but also resting comfortably. You can also assist in the latch if needed by adjusting the baby to achieve a proper latch to promote milk transfer. To get into this position, you will lay on the side that you will be feeding from.

For those needing breastfeeding support, more feeding positions and breastfeeding tips are covered in Learning to Latch

Always remember to use your breastfeeding tools to help while breastfeeding. This mama was a birth client of mine and I am supporting their postpartum journey through doula care and lactation support. She is so proactive while using her LaVie warming massagers to help produce milk flow. Her little guy is gaining weight and thriving!

Can we just note how comfortable she looks? Mama is using a boppy pillow to support baby and has a pillow behind her in the rocker for lumbar support. Baby boy is latched on, covering most of the areola, chin is pressed against the breast, and his cheeks are touching just slightly (he was 3 days old here, still learning!).

Happy latching, friends! As always if you have any questions or need support, or need any more breastfeeding tips or clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out for an in-home or virtual lactation session.

On March 20th, I will be hosting a support group for moms navigating feeding their little ones. Check out and be sure to follow @bethanndoulaservicesllc for more information. Like and share to spread the love with your friends!

My best breastfeeding tips to give are: Nourish. Protect the nips. Learn to Latch.

-Beth Ann

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