Holiday gift guide 2022

Hey, friends! With the amount of babies that are making their way into the world, have you thought of some gifts for the mom in your life? Although she will gladly accept the boxes of diapers, let’s nurture the mom and her soul.

I have prepared the ultimate holiday gift guide included some of my favorite! Some items I use, others are client favorites, and a few are for the parents and sanity!

Auden Nursing Bras: I worked with a first time mom in May of this year that has sworn by these bras. First, they are sold at Target, a very holy place in my opinion, and they are cost-effective! We all know how expensive bras can be, and with nursing, you need a bra that is convenient whether you are at home or on the go.

Kytebaby Robe: This is a personal favorite of mine! I bought myself one because I am a connoisseur of loungewear. When you gift your best girlfriend or sister one of these, do yourself a favor and add one to the cart for yourself. The material is heavenly and is a great option for in the hospital immediately postpartum or when you are home lounging with the brand new squish

Earth Mama Perineal Spray and Nipple Butter: These are items that are a MUST. You do not know what will happen during the labor process. I gift this to my clients in their birth or postpartum gift basket and they are both used. Even if you did not have a tear, the tissue is incredibly sensitive. Keep both in the fridge and its incredibly cooling! As a lactation specialist, the Earth Mama butter is my go-to to avoid damaged nipples that could lead to a host of complications. Another bonus? You do not have to wipe it off the nipple before baby feeds or before you pump.

Tubby Todd: The. Best. That’s really all I know to say, but of course I will say more. Have you met me on my social media platforms? I love to talk 😉

I was introduced to Tubby Todd for the first time back in 2017 when a girlfriend of mine had her second babe. She has this for her two littles and I have used the Hair and Body Wash since. The Lavender + Rosemary is my go-to and is also included in my BRM for doula care (post coming on Wednesday! Have you signed up for notifications?!) Tubby Todd also has amazing bundle deals. You can subscribe, too! I love The Regulars Bundle option. I get this then end up gifting the All Over Ointment to new mama’s in my life. The characters in My Big Fat Greek Wedding would compare this product to windex.

Here is a before and after of the wonders of All Over Ointment!

More items on my Holiday gift guide :

The Snoo: Ah, the Snoo. A product that some say is a waste of money, but have you ever experienced the glorious features? As a postpartum doula, I do a lot of overnight care. Once I feed, burp and change baby, the rocking motion and sound machine can instantaneously soothe baby. I have worked with a lot of clients that struggle with mood disorders and this product has eased anxiety since they know that the baby is secure in the swaddle and will not roll. This is definitely an investment piece, but they allow you to rent it! This might be a great option before baby transitions to the crib!

The Hatch: I own one! After so many overnights with parents having these in the spare room or nursery, I had to get one myself. I am obsessed. My best friend and her husband are adopting their first baby and this was the first thing I thought of to gift!

holiday gift guide 2022

BINXY BABY CART HAMMOCK: Grocery carts are gross and covered with germs. This allows a space for baby that is clean and easy to wash. Another major bonus is that you can safely place your baby as you browse Target or Trader Joe’s (just me?) and you do not have to have the car seat taking all of the space in the cart!

holiday gift guide 2022

Gift cards: Enough said. Have you considered DoorDash/dashpass or maybe a grocery delivery or prepared meal service. Mom needs nourishment for her healing body and the nourishment of her babe if she is breastfeeding. This is a gift that blesses the entire family!

Beth Ann Doula Services: Yes, me! I can offer services that range from cooking and organization, lactation counseling, overnight care or daytime support!

Taylor Physical Therapy and Wellness: One of my favorite service providers to refer clients to. Pelvic floor dysfunction is a critical component of women’s health that is ignored. Pelvic Floor therapy is not just for the pregnant or postpartum woman, I personally see Dr. Katie! She and her partner, Dr. Bridget are able to help women with concerns relating to painful intimacy, bladder control, endometriosis, ab separation after birth and about 100 other things!

Caity MacLaren Massage Therapy: My girl Caity, but this time Caity with a C! I gift my birth and certain postpartum packages with a massage from Caity. She is incredibly sweet and creates a peaceful environment for any client. I knew I wanted to partner with Caity in business after meeting her at Pure Barre, another great workout during pregnancy just fyi!

Splurge Item:

From a seasoned mother: “GAME CHANGER!!! Mom’s are constantly needing to reheat their coffee, this does it for you! – Liz Cartolano

holiday gift guide 2022

What I love the most about this holiday gift guide is that it can be used each year for all babies, parents, and anyone really! The holidays are about spreading love and sharing gifts and I hope this guide has been helpful to you and yours.

Happy Holidays!

-Beth Ann

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