HSA or FSA for Doula Care

Optimize your HSA/FSA benefits as you welcome your little one into the world!

Using your HSA or FSA for doula services may have previously or could be currently causing a headache. I have clients trying to process their payments and I see a “decline.” When I take a deeper look, I see it’s an insurance payment. I hope this post brings you some relief!

As a doula and lactation professional, I wish clients did not have to have this headache. I believe every birthing person deserves a doula and insurance should cover it. On the other hand, I do understand why it isn’t initially covered. Hear me out. Doulas are not medical providers. If your doula is trying to provide medical care or advice, run in the opposite direction, please. I beg of you. Medical health insurance does not consider doula care in the network and that is due to the fact we cannot and should not practice medicine.

IF for some reason a doula has a previous professional history as a healthcare worker – they still are not practicing within their scope. You can read more here if you are interested. In addition to that information, I can confirm I do not have a medical code to run insurance for reimbursement.

Now let’s discuss how you may be able to be reimbursed! Please reach out to your insurance company FIRST before hiring a doula. This *may* not be the case for all insurance companies, but I have had two clients from this past Summer that were able to get insurance reimbursement payments in FULL!

Client A: The contract was signed in March 2022 and she delivered July 2022. I had to provide a detailed itemized invoice for each service provided. This included:

  • 30 minute consultation
  • 32 week prenatal
  • 36 week prenatal
  • induction
  • labor support
  • postpartum follow up
  • lactation support

Our final visit, which was documented in late July 2022 completed the invoice. I filled out all client information including her full name and address, my business information and address, cost of service, and hospital name and address. The client later confirmed that she was reimbursed for her services.

Client B: Has not physically received payment but has confirmation is has been sent via check.

I am so thankful for the clients I have gotten to serve so far this year. I have a few more births in 2022 and am excited to begin booking clients in 2023. Information is below! As always, your referrals and reviews mean the world – I am thankful for them and that love has allowed me to do little to no marketing. THANK YOU.

Hsa for Doula care

Beth Ann is now accepting birth clients for 2023.

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I have had a website revamp. The designer and her magical powers behind the computer now allow clients to purchase all lactation services directly through my website. The most popular are below. The contract and invoice will also be sent to you!

In-Home Lactation Counseling

This in-home session with qualifying IBCLC will address breastfeeding positions, latch, pumping questions, potential referrals for lip or tongue ties, supply and much more. Sessions are 60 minutes and include two weeks of text support. If you need additional support, a follow up session can be scheduled. Price includes fees and taxes.


Virtual Lactation Counseling

If you are not local to the Piedmont Triad, you can meet with a qualifying IBCLC in the comfort of your own home. This virtual session will address breastfeeding positions, latch, pumping questions, supply and any concern you may have. Price includes fees and taxes.


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